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Epoxy Grouting

Epoxy Grouting is most widely applicable and versatile material in Corrosion Technology. EPOXY used as Coating, Screeding, Bedding & Jointing material for Brick, Tile and Mandana Stone lining work in all industrial plants i.e. : Agro, Foods, Dairies, Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Drugs, Hospitals, Bravery & Breweries plants gives an excellent performance upto many years.

Epoxy base Colourful & Joint less Screeding or Floor Coating are highly recommended in all above plants which provides dust free, very high strength and excellent Aesthetic view. Epoxy due to its very high compressive & bonding strength is very versatile material for epoxy grouting work in all types of RCC Structures, Foundations of D.G. Sets and Heavy Compressors, Bridges, Chimneys and Skyscraper buildings etc.

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